Saturday, August 3, 2013

DIY Statement Necklace

Hey everyone!

As promised yesterday here is the DIY necklace y'all saw in a recent outfit.  The story behind this one is I was just wandering through Joann's Fabric and they were having a sale on beads and jewelry supplies and displays, and I wound up finding the center for this necklace on clearance for something like $1 can't beat that right?

So then I struggled to find some pieces that would work with it.  But eventually found a few that would work, and some gold chain and I used a lobster clasp that way it would be adjustable.

Ok, so as you see here I got a little excited and started to put the chain on before I remembered I should take pictures, but the chain comes in a package and I have a ton left over after I was done.  The package with lobster clasps came with a pack of jump rings and other various things as well.  Honestly I spent about $10 on this lovely necklace! 

Here you can see the center piece has two loops to attach the chain to,  I used two jump rings to attach the chain.  Just open them up with a pair of needle nose pliers and put the chain through then the center through and squeeze closed   (try to keep it in the shape of the chain so it will blend in well).  On the bottom I was originally going to use all the loops but quickly decided that it would be way too crowded, so instead I used the two outer and the middle.  

The square beads came in packs of four and the oval ones came in packs of three, so since I was originally going to use all the loops I bought two packs of the square ones and just one pack of the ovals.  (Aren't these just so cute!)

As you can see I attached the square pieces with a jump ring straight to the center piece then took the chain and cut 4 links (I just opened up the chain for this and attached it that way)  The best advice I can give on making your own statement necklace is to take your time and lay everything out before you even begin cutting chain.  

Honestly I wasn't thrilled with it when I first finished making it, but it has grown on me a lot and has quickly become one of my favorites.

Y'all have a great Saturday and comment below with your own DIY necklaces!

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