Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall Clothing Haul

Hey everyone!

Terribly sorry it has been so long, but last weekend I went on a bit of a shopping spree since I recently cleaned out my closet (excuses to shop right?) So today I wanted to share with you my purchases.

First up I went to Old Navy where they had this great black and white striped shirt on sale for $14.  It's a really long shirt and it fits rather loose and I figure it would be great with some boots for this fall/ winter.

Next up are the sweaters I got :
First up is from Kohl's it is a Rock and Republic studded sweater I found it in the clearance for a whopping $13.80 hello major steal!  Not to mention this is so comfortable.  I have already worn it a few nights ago with a pair of shorts (since it's still a little on the warm side in the South, but I was so excited about this I couldn't wait). 
Next up is the Spiked Wild Leopard Sweater from Forever21 for $24.80.  This one originally comes with spikes on both shoulders, and I wasn't much for that, but I loved the feel of the sweater and how different the leopard was.  Thankfully the spikes were extremely easy to take off, but if you are interested in what it looks like with the spikes, the picture on the right is what it originally looks like.  

Next is just a basic thick white sweater also from Forever21,  I can't remember how much this costs exactly, but it was no more than $20.  It's a really thick sweater, but because it's a white sweater I am going to have to layer a shirt under it, just so it won't be quite so see through.

I also purchased a pair of Express pants from TJMaxx (this is really the only way I buy things that are Express lets be honest here).  I don't really know how to describe these, but they are really stretchy and they are essentially a pair of leggings with buttons and pockets and zippers.  

Final  pair of pants I bought were a pair of black skinny jeans from Rock and Republic from the clearance rack at Kohl's.  Once again another steal!  These were only $20 and they are really comfortable and I love the gold buttons against the black pants, just a nice touch in my opinion.  

The last shirt I bought is a striped shirt (Can you sense a theme in my closet) by Fenn Wright Mason from TJMaxx again.  I believe it was about $16 from there and it is really comfortable and flowy.  I know you really can't tell, but the panel for the zipper on the back is actually a lime green color which adds a really nice contrast to the black and white.  

My other big purchase of the day also came from TJMaxx with my huge weakness when fall comes around.  Boots! I just can't get enough of them and it's really not a good thing for my wallet; however, I didn't own a pair of black ones, so I feel that this was justified. 

A pair of White Mountain Flight Black Boots.  From TJMaxx they were only $50 but you can get them on White Mountain's website for $100

Finally my very last purchase of the day was a great new bag for $40 from Charming Charlie.  Now this bag is called a bag-in-a-bag because the center zippered pocket will detach and can be used as a small clutch or cross body.  All of the handles on this bag detach. It's just truly great. 

Isn't the inside just cute as well (again with the stripes, I know it's my weakness). 

Leave me some comments below letting me know some of your favorite trends/ essentials you have seen this season!  

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