Friday, September 20, 2013

Herringbone Art

Happy Friday everyone we made it through another week!

We recently got rid of a huge entertainment center in the living room, so naturally that wall was so bare that I couldn't think of anything to fill it.  Then I remembered seeing some pins on pinterest that were this herringbone abstract art, and figured it couldn't be too hard.

First off you need a canvas and whatever colors you want and some white paint.  I used a grey, coral, and a mint color under the white.  All from Hobby Lobby (including the canvas) all together I think I paid maybe $20 for everything.  If you have the Hobby Lobby app on your phone be sure to use your coupons and check often for them they will save you a ton.  The last thing you are going to need is painter's tape cut into strips (mine were 4" long).

Your first step is to paint randomly all over the canvas just go crazy. When you are happy let this dry for a while (I used a hairdryer to speed it up a bit). Once it's dry start placing the strips of tape in a herringbone pattern all over the canvas.  Once they are all placed pull up a few to make some white, or just leave them all in place it is totally up to you. Next you are going to paint white over the top of the tape and the canvas.

I wound up doing 3 coats of white to cover the color completely once mostly dry go ahead and pull the tape off.  

Finally hang and enjoy!

Leave me some comments below with your pictures of your DIY art!

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