Thursday, November 7, 2013

Some Makeup Goodies

Happy Thursday everyone!

So I know that these at home gel polish kits have become a huge hit lately, and honestly I wanted to try one myself but I could never convince myself to pay the $70 price tag for the Sally Hansen starter kit or the $60 Sensationail starter kit.  Up until last week.  I was browsing the makeup side of Wal-Mart and found this little jewel.

This is the Fuse Gelnamel starter kit by Sensationail.  I haven't really seen any reviews on this yet, so my assumption is it is a fairly new product.  One downfall I immediately saw with the product is the limited number of color options for the starter kit, but you can't ask much since it is half of the price of the larger versions at only $25.

As you can see it comes with the cord, the USB adapter, the lamp, some cleanser, the polish, a buffer, a manicure stick, and some wipes.  Overall this product is so simple to use, but really buff your nail before you put the polish on (trust me here) then cleanse it, you can either use the cleanser included or use some isopropyl alcohol either will work.  Next push back your cuticles then go for it, put the polish on carefully wipe off the excess from around your nail and put in the lamp.  There is a button on the top of the lamp that will turn it on for 30 seconds.  I did two coats of the polish and it is holding up pretty well.  After the second coat take the wipe with the cleanser, or the isopropyl alcohol and wipe the nail off.  I know it sounds crazy, but there is a tacky finish on top of the nail at this point and you just need to wipe it off.  It won't hurt the color or anything and that's it your nails are done!

The first two times I used the product, I didn't really know how to use it and it peeled off.  I am assuming it was because I didn't buff the nail before I put the polish on so it didn't really adhere to my nail.  I also didn't wipe the tacky finish off and I wasn't sure why my nails wouldn't dry, so be sure to wipe this off or it will take forever.

It's a really pretty pink and certainly not as bright as I feared it would be when I first bought it.  Also on my updates of what has gone on in October....that rock on my finger it's new.  I got engaged at the beginning of October and I think he did a pretty good job on the ring.  It's so simple but it's really quite pretty and I love the two blue diamonds on either side.

Anyway moving back to this post...

The front small pot is Makeup Forever's Mat Velvet + in shade 25.  This stuff is actually pretty awesome, it covers well and it lasts all day for me.  My local Sephora store was out of the shade I needed when I went to buy it, which might be good for my wallet, so I was color matched and I was given a pretty good sized sample (two of these small pots which I have used every morning for about a week now).  If you wish to purchase it really isn't that unreasonable for a good foundation at only $36 from Sephora.

Next is Ulta's Double Duty foundation.  It's really a thick consistency and you can't blend it well with a sponge or even a brush, so you are just going to have to use your fingers if you use this foundation.  Overall, the coverage is wonderful with this product and it lasts all day long for me, but I feel like the only downfall is not being able to blend with a sponge.

Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser is the next product on my short review list here, and let me tell you I just don't like this product at all.  I originally bought it because I heard beauty bloggers raving about it (and I was out of my Garnier Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller at $13).  I feel like the packaging isn't done well on this product, when you twist the cap to get the product to come to the top there is a lot left in the tube that just won't be used.  I also wasn't a huge fan of the sponge top on it either and on top of all of that it caked up and just didn't look good a few hours after I had applied it.  Honestly I just think that it covered well, but I'm not going to convert from my go to Garnier anytime soon.

Next up is a nifty little product, the L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid powder.  I absolutely love the packaging on this product.  It is so cute in a glass bottle, seriously glass bottle! When it comes out of the bottle it is a liquid form and when you begin to blend it in it turns powdery and it feels really light weight, and would be perfect for a hot summer day in the south.  I haven't used the product much, but I will give an update in a few weeks with some more thoughts on it.

Let me know what you guys think!  Have you tried any of these, if so what did you think?

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