Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dollar Store Haul

Hey guys!

I recently saw this tag where people were sharing all of the great things they found at the Dollar Tree, so I thought I would give it a shot.  How could you go wrong everything is only a dollar!

Well let me tell you, I don't know why I didn't do this sooner.  I'm always really timid about trying new lipstick colors, and at only a dollar I really couldn't resist.  Overall I walked out with spending $18 for all this stuff!

I got two L.A. Colors Lipstick and Lip Gloss duos, a L.A. Colors lipstick, an E.L.F. lipstick, a Milani lip gloss, a Milani Lip Color, an E.L.F. matte lip color, a Wet 'n Wild Beauty Benefits eye shadow quad, a Milani eye liner, two L.A. Colors loose shadow pots, two pots that I'm going to use for a later DIY, some floral foam, a drop cloth also for a later DIY, toothpaste, and wax melts.

Congratulations if you just read through that, because I probably wouldn't have.

I'll share with you the swatches of the makeup I got and some closer views of them and later I'll show you how I used some of the products!

First up is the E.L.F. Matte Lip Color in the shade Praline.  As you can see the color is a bit of a pink brown color, and it glides on smooth.  I had heard a lot of wonderful reviews of this product, and I can't wait to get some more colors.  The Dollar Tree I went to only had this shade, but I know that the Target has at least 4 shades available.

Next up is the Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in the shade 109 Modern Mauve.  This color is a bit of a berry color, and I really love it especially for these winter months.  The product goes on nicely, and on top of that it smells great.  After a quick search I found the product listed on Wal-Mart's website for a whopping $6.97, that's what I call savings!  The Dollar Tree I went to had this shade, Premier Plum, and Sweet Grape.

Top Picture: Left is the shade Pleasure Right is the shade Natural
Bottom Picture: Top Natural Lipstick, Middle Pleasure Lip Gloss, Bottom Pleasure Lipstick

The next items are the L.A. Colors lip gloss & lipstick duos in the shades Pleasure and Natural.  I have never been the type of person to wear a lot of lip gloss, but in the selection that the Dollar Tree had, I felt I could at least use the lipsticks.  The Natural duo came with clear lip gloss and I'm just not too sure about it.  I remember using a clear when I was much younger and they just get nasty.  As for the colors, they are pretty vibrant.  The Pleasure shade is a dark pink, and natural is a brown shade.  The products are smooth and apply well, so no complaints for a dollar.

Right Picture: top is L.A. Colors Luscious Wine, bottom is E.L.F. Fantasy

I purchsed L.A. Colors Lipstick in Luscious Wine and E.L.F. Lipstick in Fantasy.  Out of these two I can't wait to try the L.A. Colors Luscious Wine color it's just so pretty and wintry (besides how could I not love this one since I love wine!) The E.L.F. Fantasy color is a bit darker than the L.A. Colors Natural, but also a brown color.  The L.A. Colors lipstick also says it has Vitamin E and Aloe Vera in it.

This is the Milani Crystal Gloss in the shade 13 Whisper.  Once again it was a total steal since CVS has it listed on their website for $5.79!  This product smells like vanilla extract which is a plus for me; however, this color just doesn't do much for me.  It will work if I just need a little shine though I suppose.

The top left pots in this picture are the L.A. Colors Shimmering Loose Powders in the shades Radiant (the left) and Sunshine (the right).  These two are very shimmery and there is a ton of product in them and they are just really pretty (descriptive right?).  The eyeliner at the bottom is Milani Easyliner retractable eyeliner in the shade 01 Precious Silver. This stuff goes on smooth and as a bonus it has a smudger (is that a word?) on one end.  Normally I despise retractable liners, to me they just break too easily and drive me crazy, but I can't ask a whole lot since I only paid a dollar.  However, I found it listed on Amazon for $5.70, so thank you again Dollar Tree!  The last item in this group is the Wet 'n Wild Beauty Benefits eye shadow quad.  The top color is white, the second is a dark grey, the third is a black with gold glitter, and the bottom is a black with silver glitter.  All of these colors swatch really well, and I used the second color on the look I will show later in this post.

Left picture: top Milani Eyeliner in Precious Silver, middle L.A. Colors Loose Shadow in Sunshine, bottom L.A. Colors Loose Shadow in Radiant
Right Picture: Swatches from the Wet n' Wild Beauty Benefits quad

This is the final look I came up with in the end.  I used the Wet 'n Wild Beauty Benefits quad (the second color) all over the eye, then in the crease I used the Studio Gear Holiday Palette shade Platinum.  Also from the SG Holiday Palette I used the blush, and the shade Glimmer to highlight. From this haul I used the Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in the shade Modern Mauve, and the Milani retractable eyeliner in the shade Precious Silver on the bottom waterline.  

Shop This Look:

`Have any of y'all decided to shop for makeup from the Dollar Tree? If so share below I want to hear what all you got!

Note: This post contains no affiliate links and all opinions are my own


  1. Just started reading your blog and I love it! :D I wish I had Dollar Tree stores in my country.

    1. Thanks for reading! I love visiting the Dollar Tree you just never know what you will find! Again thanks for reading and I hope you have a happy New Year!


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