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New Products From Hard Candy Review

Hey guys!

If you haven't heard yet Hard Candy has released several new products including eye shadow palettes and lipsticks.

Like I said they released five new palettes called the Top Ten Trendsetters.  If you remember previously the packaging for the Hard Candy palettes had a lace overlay.  To me those palettes looked a little tacky and I never purchased any.  However, these new ones have a faux leather trim with studs.  The two palettes I picked up are Birthday Suit which contains ten matte shades and Raining Men which contains all shimmer shades.  Overall these two palettes aren't consistent with each other.  Raining Men actually has good pigmentation; however, it has a lot of fall out.  As for the other palette, Birthday Suit the shadows are not extremely pigmented but they would be great for beginners.

The palette above is Birthday Suit.  As I previously stated it contains ten all matte shades.  The swatches below are not over a primer.  When I used them on my eyes they seemed to perform much better when I used a white base such as NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk or LA Colors Jumbo Pencil in Sea Shells

As you can see in the above swatches the most pigmented shade in the entire Birthday Suit palette is that deep chocolate brown.  Once again these swatches were not on top of any primer.  Each shade is a bit powdery, and they aren't all very pigmented.  However, this would be a great palette for beginners since it is generally a neutral palette with the addition of the navy shade.  

In the above look I used the LA Colors Jumbo Pencil in Sea Shells.  After that I took the cream shade from the Birthday Suit palette (fourth shadow from the left side of the palette; bottom swatches) and placed the shadow all over the lid and all the way up to my brow.  Next I took the warm brown shade (sixth shadow from the left of the palette; top swatches) and placed it in the crease.  Then I took the navy shadow and placed it on the outer third of my eye and blended it a bit into the crease.  Finally I finished the look with black liner and mascara.  

The next palette I picked up is called Raining Men which contains ten shimmer shadows.  As for this palette every shadow has a lot of fall out so I suggest doing your eye makeup prior to your foundation.  I chose this palette since it has a wide range of colors in it.  I should also note that each of these palettes has a mirror inside.  

Once again the above swatches were not over any kind of primer; however, you can see the difference in the pigmentation from one palette to the next.  The only shade that seemed to be less pigmented is the first shadow on the left of this palette (bottom swatches).  Again you can see how powdery these are.  

For the above look I started with Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original.  After that I took the Lorac Pro palette and spread the cream shadow on my lid all the way to my brow.  This is just to help any shadows I placed on top blend easier.  Next I took taupe from the Lorac Pro palette and placed it in the crease for a transition color.  Next I took the cream shade from the Birthday Suit palette (eighth shadow from the left; top swatches) and placed it on the inner half of my eye.  Then I took the berry shade (second from the left; bottom swatches) and placed it on the outer half of my eye.  Finally I added black liner and mascara.  

Each of the Top Ten Trendsetter Palettes are $6 and can be found at Walmart.  

The next new product I picked up is the Plumping Serum Gel Stick in Prominent.  I'm going to preface this part with I am not a big fan of the color I picked on myself.  However, I love this packaging, and it's likely that I will try this in a different color.  

Here are the claims from Hard Candy: 

"Saturate lips with vibrant, pure color in just one stroke. A high gloss gel base infused with lightweight mango butter allows for superior comfort and shine with lasting hydration. Contains a unique antioxidant “Colorfast System” that keeps color vibrant, truer, and statement worthy. Formulated with Hard Candy’s exclusive Plumping Serum System that delivers hyaluronic acid and plumps the skin to quickly minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle while adding hydrating volume."

As for the vibrant pure color in just one stroke claim... well as you can see in the above picture this color is quite sheer and streaky.  It took several swipes to build up even this color on my lips.  I personally didn't experience the plumping effect that they claim either, and I wore this lipstick around the house for several hours.  

There are ten shades in this line and it seems like the actual lipstick doesn't tend to match the color on the cap.  Maybe that's just my opinion.  Again I will likely try a deeper shade such as Wanted of these lipsticks to see if I have better luck with the color.  

Let's talk brows.  Hard Candy also released their new Fiberized Brow Gel in two different shades.  The one I picked up is called Light/Medium and the other is Medium/Deep.  Honestly I feel that this shade is just a little too dark for my brows, but I'm not sure.  Each of these Fiberized Brow Gels also come with a highlighting stick on the other end which I love.  The Light/Medium shade is more of a taupe shade while the Medium/Deep shade is a chocolate shade.  The tube color seems to be pretty accurate to the color of the product.  

The wand itself is a nice size for my brows; however, the wand tends to have a lot of product on it.   I don't tend to reach for a shimmery highlight under my brows so I tend to use the highlighter on my inner corner or on my eyelid.  It is easily blended out with my finger and it has decent pigmentation.  Terribly sorry I didn't have a swatch of these used on my brows.  You will see them used in a video tutorial soon! 

The last product I picked up is the new Hard Candy Sheer Glow All The Way in Blushing Babe.  The top swatch is the unblended product and below that is it blended out.   I use this under my foundation in a similar fashion to how the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors would be used.  It can also be used mixed into the foundation.   Again this product will be used in a future video tutorial!  

I also want to note that Hard Candy released five Fierce Effect Shadow Duos that are very similar to the L'Oreal Infallible shadows.  The price of each of these duos is just $5.  That's right two single shadows for $5.  If you want to see some of these duos swatched, you can check that out over on Noveau Cheap.  I will likely pick up the duo in Slow and Steady myself in the future! 

Let me know if you want to see a tutorial using any of these products or any suggestions for posts you want to see! 

Are you going to pick any of these up for yourself?  

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