Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Real Colors Adventure Eye Shadow Palette Review

Hey guys!

If you remember a few weeks ago I put up a picture on Instagram showing these three pretty little palettes.  Well today I am bringing you my official review now that I have played around with them and created four different eye looks.

The palette on the far left, Magnificent Mile, is the palette that originally caught my attention while browsing the makeup at my local Sally Beauty Supply.  I thought the deep purple and the green would be wonderful for fall and it had the gold and light cream shade mixed in.  The color that concerned me in the palette was the blue, but I figured I could find something to do with it.

These palettes retail at $7.99 each from Sally Beauty Supply.  Each one has a drawer on the side that pulls out with a typical sponge applicator and a small mirror.  Typically I don't use these applicators and I found it was no different with these palettes and the location of the mirror is really inconvenient.  I also have to pull out other shadows to use with these palettes since they do not contain any matte shades. With all of that said, they are highly pigmented when you use your fingers.  I would suggest putting on your eye makeup before your foundation since these have a bunch of fall out.

As you can see in the picture above all of the shadows are highly pigmented and they are all shimmery.  The palette above is Magnificent Mile which originally caught my attention.  The purple in the palette is a wonderful eggplant color which works well for the fall.  These shadows aren't the softest shadows I have ever felt and they tend to be a little more difficult to blend but if you have a little patience you can create some cool looks.

The above picture was created using the purple in the Magnificent Mile palette along with the Lorac Pro palette.  In the crease I used Mauve in the crease and in the center of the lid.  I used cream on the inner third of my lid and finally the purple from the Magnificent Mile palette on the outer portion and below the lashes.  It turned out to be darker than what I normally wear, but I ended up loving the finished look.

The next palette I picked up was NOLA.  The vibrant purple in this palette is what initially caught my eye, but naturally the first look I created from the palette was using that gorgeous red.  I had honestly never thought of using a red eye shadow before, but I was able to make it work.  Again all of the shades are highly pigmented except the purple.  To get the color in the swatch it took two layers.

The above look was created using the red shadow from the NOLA palette.  The inner half of my eye has Cream from the Lorac Pro palette and the outer half is the red shadow.

Another look from the NOLA palette uses the blue shadow.  I started out with NYX jumbo pencil in Milk and followed it with the White shadow from the Lorac Pro palette.  After that I spread the blue shadow starting from the outer corner to concentrate most of the color there and began blending it in to create an ombre effect.  Finally I took Taupe from the Lorac Pro palette and blended everything out.  

The final palette I picked up is called Music City and it is by far the most most wearable day to day.   Again all of the shadows are shimmery which isn't a terrible thing in this palette.  Overall I tend to reach for a matte transition color, but any of these are acceptable lid colors.  

The final look I created used Music City on the lid and the blue shadow from NOLA on the lower lash line.  I took the light cream shadow from Music City and put it on the inner half of my lid and took the darkest shade on the outer half and blended out with Taupe from the Lorac Pro palette.  Overall I would wear the look daily without the blue, but I was playing around and liked how this turned out.

Overall if you are looking for shadows that are inexpensive I think these are wonderful; however, they do have a lot of fall out so you will have to do your eye makeup prior to the rest of your face.  They are all pigmented and show up nicely when you use your finger.  I have not experimented with using them wet; however, I can imagine that they would work nicely.

If you wish to purchase Real Colors Adventure Palettes, you can find them at Sally Beauty Supply along with the Real Colors Cosmetics line.  Again these palettes are $7.99 and there are six different ones to choose from.

Which look is your favorite?  If you want me to do video tutorial using these shadows leave your requests below!

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