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Hard Candy Total Eye Kit Review

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This will probably end up being a pretty long review today, so go ahead and brace yourself!  There's a ton of products in this kit.   The kit I am talking about is the Hard Candy Total Eye Kit that is part of the Hard Candy Christmas line.  This kit contains an eye shadow palette with 12 shadows, and 8 of the Hard Candy Take Me Out Metal Eyeliner Pencils.  The kit I am reviewing is the one with all of the neutral shadows.  I believe I saw one that had colorful shadows as well, but I'm not sure.  These kits retail for $9.88 at Walmart, and I found it in the Christmas section.

I am going to start this off by talking about the shadow palette above.  None of the shadows in this palette are matte or even close to matte.  Every one of the shadows in this palette contains glitter and has tons of glitter fall out.  I am going to break down the palette by starting on the top row and going left to right.  To test out each of these shadows I first swatched them without a primer and then using the Urban Decay Primer Potion.  The swatch pictures below will be with no primer.

Hard Candy Total Eye Kit Top Row 
As you can see the first shadow has very little pigment without a primer and over a primer it was no better.  It obviously sticks a little better to the primer, but the pigmentation isn't improved.  The primer makes this shadow patchy and a nightmare.  The same can be said for the third shadow as well.   Shadow two with no primer is not pigmented much like the first and third; however, it is slightly more pigmented with a primer, but it becomes patchy.  The fourth shadow, the brown one, is the only shadow in the first row that is pigmented without a primer.  With a primer it is much better and does not become patchy.

Hard Candy Total Eye Kit Middle Row
As for the second row, the first shadow is not pigmented and it is patchy without a primer.  With a primer this shadow ends up being even more patchy than it was without a primer.  The second shadow is very pigmented and it isn't patchy without a primer.   In the pan the second shadow is more of a brown, but when it's swatched it has more golden tones.  The third shadow is powdery and as you can see it is patchy, and when I swatched it with a primer it became more patchy.  The fourth shadow is patchy without a primer.  With a primer this shadow becomes less glittery and what glitter does get laid down is patchy.  

Hard Candy Total Eye Kit Bottom Row
The bottom row of this palette has to be the best row overall.  The white shadow is powdery like the rest of the shadows, but the white has less obvious glitter than all the rest of the light shadows in the palette.  Without a primer is has more pigmentation than it does with a primer.  With a primer all that remains is the glitter, so that is disappointing.  The second shadow is another powdery shadow, but it is very pigmented with and without a primer.  The third shadow the same as the second, and the black shadow is the one that surprised me the most out of the entire palette.  I was expecting the black to swatch more grey than it did.  It swatched black and very pigmented!

So overall the darker shadows in the palette preform better than the lighter ones.  I really wish that there were some matte shadows in this palette as well, because I find that I am not reaching for it since I have to pull out other shadows as well.  

Like I mentioned earlier the kit contains 8 of the Hard Candy Take Me Out Metal Eyeliner Pencils.  The first liner in the kit is a traditional black.  This liner glided on smoothly and was pigmented in one swipe.

The second liner in the kit is a dark green.  This liner is creamy and it took about two swipes before it had good pigmentation.

The third liner is a coppery brown.  Again this is a creamy liner, but it takes at least two swipes to get a good color payoff.

The fourth liner is a purple.  This is by far the worst liner of the bunch.  It is much drier than the others and it doesn't have very good pigmentation.

The fifth liner is a teal that is creamy with a metallic finish.  This is the first of the liners that I noticed had this metallic finish.  It has very good pigmentation much like the black.

The sixth liner is what I have been calling a periwinkle color.  It is another creamy liner with a two swipe pigmentation.

The seventh liner in the kit is a gold liner.  It had terrible pigmentation, but it was creamy.  It has a metallic finish, but it took almost five swipes to get the color to show up.

The finial liner is a charcoal grey.  It was a little dry but it has decent pigmentation once it's built up.

Below is what the Hard Candy website says about the Take Me Out Liners:
Dynamic eye pencil glides color on that lasts all day. These creamy eye pencils easily apply powerful, vibrant color that stays soft for blending and then dries to a long lasting finish that will not budge. 

 Overall the best liners out of the kit art the Teal and the Black; however, the rest of the liners aren't terrible.  These liners don't apply to the waterline at all.  I tried the gold and the periwinkle colors and neither worked.  The black applied to my lash line well though.

The first look I created with the palette I applied the first shadow on the top row to the front part of my lid, the fourth shadow on the top row to the center, and the third shadow on the bottom row to the outer edge of my lid.  Finally I used the black shadow to smudge out the black liner.  There was tons of fall out from creating the look, so I suggest doing your shadow before your foundation.

The kits retail for $9.88 at Walmart and come with a $1.00 off coupon that's good for any Hard Candy item.

Are there any holiday kits you have your eyes on?

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