Monday, November 24, 2014

Physician's Formula Holiday 2014 Nude Wear Gift Set Review

Hey guys!

If you are anything like me, and love to score a great deal on products you have been eyeing then this time of year is a dream for you!  Today I am going to review the Physician's Formula Holiday 2014 Nude Wear Gift Set.

This set includes a makeup bag, a double ended brush, and a full size of each of the Nude Wear Powder, Nude Wear Bronzer, and Nude Wear Blush for $24.88.  I had been wanting to try the blush since it launched, but I could never convince myself to pay for it.   So when I saw this kit for $25 I couldn't pass it up.  Isn't the packaging cute?

The first thing I am going to start with is the makeup bag.  The bag itself is a light pink with a faux leather outside. The strap on the top is a rose gold color that coordinates with the Nude Wear line.  The only thing I wish this bag had is a zippered pocket on the inside for brushes.  I have another makeup bag that's a similar shape and it has a zipper pocket in the lid that I use for my makeup brushes.  Overall, it would be a great bag for a short trip.  Physician's Formula claims that this bag is a $20 value.

The next item in the kit is the double ended brush.  As you can tell from the picture above the bristles are roughly cut and this brush is not soft by any means.  I should also note that it was shedding as soon as I pulled it out of the packaging.  I tried using it in the blush and it kicked up a lot of powder, so I don't recommend using this brush for soft powders.  I have been using it with my Clinique Soft Pressed Powder blush in New Clover which is a harder powder and it has worked well for that.  Overall this brush is a great idea and I love how the handle ties into the rest of the kit, but it is just not executed well.  Physician's Formula claims this brush is a $10 value.

The next thing in the kit is the palette that contains the full size Nude Wear Powder, Nude Wear Bronzer, and Nude Wear Blush.  I believe there was only one version of this kit, so if you have medium to deep skin tones you may not find it suitable for you.   The Nude Wear Powder in the palette is in the shade Light.  In the regular Nude Wear line there are two shades, Light and Medium, and they retail for $14.95 for 0.24 oz of product.  Below is what Physician's Formula says about the powders:
Beautiful Bare Skin Effect. Skin-Glowing Finish. Look Flawless Without Looking Made Up! Enhances Skin's Natural Glow! Hypoallergenic. Fragrance-Free. Gluten Free. Paraben-Free. Non-Comedogenic. Dermatologist approved.
I applied this powder I felt that it did give my skin a natural glow because it has a little sheen to it without having glitter.  I have larger pores on my cheeks and I don't feel like it enhanced them, so I really appreciate that.

Next is the Nude Wear Bronzer which is in the shade Light Bronzer.  The bronzer retails for $14.95 for 0.24 oz of product.  Overall this bronzer comes off more golden than other bronzers I have used, but when I applied it to my face it looked very natural in a sun kissed way.   If you have deeper skin tones this bronzer probably wouldn't work well for you; however, if you have a really deep skin tone it might work as a golden highlight.

The last product in the palette is the Nude Wear Blush in the shade Rose.  The Nude Wear Blush retails for $12.95 for 0.17 oz of product.  All of the tones in the blush swatch similarly to one another, so the best option with the blush is to swirl your brush in the entire product.   Overall the blush gives a nice glow to the skin without any glitter and it applies smoothly.

As you can see in the picture above there is a overspray on the lettering; however, that ears off with one use.  Overall I really love having all of these powders in a palette like this because I can just take this with me on a trip and have my powder, bronzer, and blush all in one.  

You can barely see the swatch of the powder in the picture above, but it matches my skin tone really closely.  The center swatch is the bronzer and the bottom is the blush.  As you can tell the products are a little powdery, but if you tap off your brush it's not a problem.  Also the products aren't extremely pigmented which makes them easier to use and be wearable for daytime.  

I should also note that the packaging is a little bulky because the back of the palette opens up to a small mirror and a compartment to store the double ended brush.  Each of the lids on the palette have magnetic closures, so they will stay shut.  

The only complaint I have with the packaging is how roughly cut the material is.   This is a faux leather that is roughly cut in the corners around the windows and loosely glued down to the lid.  Overall that makes the packaging look much cheaper.  

After wearing the powders from the kit all day I had a few things I wanted to mention.  All of the powders apply smoothly and evenly and they all feel really nice because they are finely milled powders.  None of the powders emphasize my larger pores or my oily skin.  They also left my skin looking like it was glowing and not as flat as it normally is when I use a more mattifying powder.  My only complaint is that the powders didn't last all day, but I do have very oily skin.

Overall this kit is claimed to be a $68 value for $24.88 and can be found at Walmart.  Below is the breakdown of the prices of the products in the kit.  This kit also contains a $5.00 coupon for Physician's Formula products.

  • Makeup Bag - $20
  • Double Ended Brush - $10
  • Nude Wear Powder - $14.95
  • Nude Wear Bronzer - $14.95
  • Nude Wear Blush - $12.95
Are there any kits you have your eyes on this holiday season?


  1. I got this same kit on december 26 at walmart for $12! I have a medium skin color so i dont really plan to use anything except the blush

    1. That's great! You may be able to use the bronzer as a highlighter or even as shadows. I hope you enjoy it!

  2. I got it for $ 6 @ Walmart they were %50 off and had a $5.00 coupan inside. Great deal.

    1. That's a great deal! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


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