Friday, January 2, 2015

Insta Natural Argan Oil Hair Mask Review

Hey guys!

I hope everyone had a great time with their friends and families over the holiday season!  If you are new to my blog then I will preface this review with my hair type.  I have really thick hair that is naturally wavy when it air dries.  When I dry it with a hair dryer it tends to poof up (think 80's volume).  Generally it is easily tamed with any hot tool but I have a large patch of hair at the back of my head that is really coarse (I like to call it my horse tail).

I have been using Argan oil treatments for my hair for several years now and swear by it.  So when I had the opportunity to try the Insta Natural Aragn Oil Hair Mask I knew I couldn't pass it up!  This particular hair mask is intended to be a deep conditioner that will transform hair into "soft, shiny, healthy hair"; however, you can use it as a daily conditioner if you wish.

I have to say that I was expecting the traditional argan oil smell; however, that was not the case when I opened the container.  It smells a bit like a cookie to me.  Typically I will wash my hair with my Suave Argan Oil shampoo when I first get in the shower and follow that up with a generous amount of this hair mask.  After I work it into my hair I put my hair in a ponytail and continue on with my shower and rinse it out at the very end.  I would say that the mask itself remains on my hair for five to ten minutes and I can immediately feel a difference when I rinse it off.

Since I started using this hair mask the coarse hair at the back of my head is softer and more manageable.  I just used it yesterday and when I went to straighten those pieces at the back of my head there was no trouble making them straight and smooth.  Overall I would recommend this hair mask because it has left my hair feeling soft and shiny.

If you want to try it out for yourself it can be found on the Insta Natural website for $17.95 or on Amazon for the same price for an 8 oz jar.  The hair mask itself contains argan oil, amino acid complex, coconut oil, shea butter, and vitamin B5.

The product mentioned above was sent to me through a campaign with BrandBacker and Insta Natural.  All opinions are 100% my own.  This post contains affiliate links.


  1. Great review - I also have thick, coarse wavy-to-curly hair, and it's gone grey so it is also really dry if I don't stay on top of it. Argan oil is the thing that works for me, but I've never tried this brand - I'm going to, though! I'd like it so much if you'd share this post with our Awesome Life Friday Link Up.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I know that the section of hair at the back of my head that's really coarse has become much more tame since using this hair mask. I hope it works for you as well! I will stop by your link up as well!


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