Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Beauty Addiction Lipsticks | Swatches and Review

Hey guys!

I hope you are having a great week so far!  I placed an order with My Beauty Addiction back in October and have had these products since then.  I have been planning on doing a video and post on them for a while now, but it just kept getting moved back and now I am ready to share the sample lipsticks I picked up!

When I placed my original order in October I ordered five sample sizes of their loose shadows (post will be coming soon) and three lipsticks.  My package arrived just a few days after I placed my order, and the shadows were the correct ones I had ordered but the three lipsticks were different.  I emailed My Beauty Addiction that night and the issue was corrected quickly!  If you have any problems with your order from them just know it will be corrected quickly!  Overall I am extremely happy with my experience with My Beauty Addiction.

In the video above I mention that My Beauty Addiction has two types of lipstick on their website.  The majority of the lipsticks in my collection are the Color Rich Lipstick, but I do have one HD Lip Paint.  Overall I like the formula of the HD Lip Paints a little bit better than the Color Rich Lipsticks. Below is the description of a Color Rich Lipstick and HD Lip Paint from My Beauty Addiction's website.

Color Rich Lipstick: "Loaded with vitamin E and shea butter for a nourishing and healing lipstick that delivers maximum color."
HD Lip Paint: "Very vivid and intense lipsticks that are dye based rather than mica based.  Vivid colors that are opaque and have great coverage.  Matte to semi-matte finishes and long wearing. Super creamy formula and high dye load makes for a softer lipstick, so jar form is recommended." 
My Beauty Addiction has made it easy to see what color you are ordering as well.  When you are scrolling through the lipsticks there is a picture of lips with each color displayed (see picture below) and I personally like this feature.  It makes it much easier to find what you are looking for!

The Color Rich Lipsticks I have in my collection are Passionfruit, Lovespell, Sinful, Taupuccino, and Smoke Screen.
Passionfruit: "Gorgeous vivid coral pink" 

Lovespell: "Deep pink with a red undertone" 

Sinful: "Rich red with pink undertone.  Similar to Lovespell"  

In the pictures above you can see that Lovespell and Sinful are extremely similar.  Sinful is more red than Lovespell when swatched.  

 Taupuccino: "Light/ medium taupe brown" 

The above picture is Taupuccino.  If you follow any of My Beauty Addiction's social media sites then you have probably seen this lipstick on a few different girls.  It seems to be a popular color; however, I just don't see myself wearing it often.  Taupuccino, Smoke Screen and Another Brick In The Wall were all accidentally sent to me. 

Smoke Screen: "Medium gray, nearly matte and opaque"

Above is Smoke Screen.  Again this one was accidentally sent to me and I can't see myself pulling it out often.  By the way ignore the lipstick on my teeth! 

I only have one of the HD Lip Paints by My Beauty Addiction and like I mentioned above I like the formula just a little more than the Color Rich Lipsticks.  The only HD Lip Paint in my collection is Another Brick In The Wall.  I absolutely love the name of this one and I keep finding myself starting to sing the song as I write this!  (Any Pink Floyd fans out there?) Anyway Another Brick In The Wall is described as a "warm red with a brown undertone.  Think brick red." 

 This picture really doesn't show the brown undertone of the lipstick but it has a very strong brown influence that I won't gravitate toward often.

 If you are interested in trying out some of My Beauty Addiction's lipsticks I highly suggest getting a sample set.  You pick three lipsticks that will come in the clamshell containers I have showed above.  Each sample set of three lipsticks are $4 each.

If you try a color and love it My Beauty Addiction has three other forms of packaging for their lipsticks.  Petite Slim Tubes are $5 each, jars are $5.50 each, and full size lipstick tubes are $7.50.  If you are going to purchase a HD Lip Paint, My Beauty Addiction suggests purchasing them in jar form.

My Beauty Addiction has bold colors like green, teal, and gold so there is something for everyone!  What are your favorite colors to wear?

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