Monday, February 9, 2015

Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette by Morphe Brushes | Review and Swatches

Hey guys!

I am finally getting to write my thoughts on the Jaclyn Hill collab with Morphe Brushes.  First I want to address some of the drama surrounding this palette.  Morphe sent out several of these palettes to big YouTubers before Christmas to get the word out and generate excitement.  Naturally everyone was excited and Morphe released the palette for presale at midnight Pacific Time on New Years Eve.  I knew I wouldn't stay up just to purchase this palette since midnight PST is three here.  Besides all of the shadows in the palette are permanent to the Morphe collection of single shadows.  My plan was to wait and purchase the shades individually or to create my own palette.

I woke up the next morning and assumed the palette would be sold out.  At 10 am the palette was still available; however, there were tons of issues with the Morphe website.  From what I understand there were some hackers that were sending fake traffic to the website which was more than their website could handle.  People started bashing Morphe on their social media sites and things just ended up getting out of hand.  People were on the website for hours trying to check out.  So again I just didn't bother with the palette.  I woke up on January 2nd and again assumed the palette was sold out.  I jumped on the website and it was still available, so I went ahead and ordered.  From the time I opened the website to the time I had my confirmation email was maybe ten minutes.

With all of the drama that went on I think it slipped some people's minds that this was just a presale for the palette and people were still jumping on Morphe's social media sites to ask where their palettes were.  Originally Morphe had announced that these palettes would ship out on January 23rd and I ended up receiving mine on the 23rd.  Morphe also announced that they would release the palette a second time due to all of the issues and drama.  So keep in mind if you didn't get your hands on it you have another opportunity, and if you don't get it this time around all of these shadows are permanent to the collection.

Now that the background information is out of the way let's talk about the price of the palette.  The Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette contains 28 of her favorite Morphe shadows at a price of $28.  That's right $28!  One dollar per shadow in the palette is insanity.  Each of these shadows are quite pigmented especially the purples on the bottom row!  I used Jaclyn's code which brought the price down before shipping.  After everything was said and done I paid $33.18 for the palette.  Now as you saw above I was planning on purchasing each shadow individually.  If I had done that I would pay $2 per shadow and have to put them in a Z-Palette.  That would put the price at $56 (without shipping) for the shadows and $20 for a large Z-Palette.  Honestly this still isn't a bad price for shadows of this quality!

Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette Row 1

Honestly I think my biggest complaint from this palette has to be with the four lightest "highlight" shades.  First off they are all shimmery which I'm not a big fan of shimmery highlights.  Second I can't use them for a highlight because they are all too deep for my skin tone.  With that said, I still wear them as a lid color but I just have to pull out my Lorac Pro palette for my highlight shadows.

As you can see in the picture above I have put the number of each shadow above the swatch so you will know what each shadow is.  I also added a paper to the lid of my palette with each shadow number for tutorial purposes (if I wasn't a blogger/vlogger I would't do this!) Below I will start from the left of the picture and work to the right with each number and description from the Morphe website along with my opinion.

ES4 - Off white (frost) - This is the only highlight that I would be able to use on my fair skin.  Overall I like the amount of frost in this shadow for a bright, light lid shadow.

ES54 - Peachy gold with shimmer (lustre) - Pulls more gold on my skin than peach.

ES6 - Soft golden peachy brown (matte) - The website claims this to be a matte shadow; however, it has some shimmer to it.  Could be a typo on the website.  Also this shadow pulls more peachy brown than golden brown on my skin.

ES76 - Beige champagne (shimmer) - Seems to be pretty true to the description.

ES64 - Peachy brown with shimmer (velvet) - I really like this shadow and could create a beautiful everyday look using this with ES6.

ES14 - Vivid orange (matte) - This shadow pulls carrot orange on me.  I haven't played with it yet but I look forward to trying something with it!

ES75 - Shiny rust (shimmer) - This does pull a little like the lighter shades of orange in rust I suppose.  Overall it is a smooth shadow.  (Side note the word shiny always reminds me of a Geology professor I had who would not allow us to describe anything as shiny.  To this day I cringe at the word!)

Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette Row 2
ES67 - Dual intensity peach/ pink (pearl) - This is another smooth shadow that would work well for an everyday look.

ES13 - Soft gold peach with pearl (satin) - This shadow pulls more of a warm brown on me and I have been using it as a transition shade.

ES62 - Muted taupe brown (matte) - This shadow swatches deep; however, when you use a large fluffy brush it can be used as a cool toned transition shadow.

ES63 - Muted brown (matte) - Swatched this shadow pulls more like a blackened brown.  I have not played with it yet.

ES20 - Intense brown gold with shimmer (frost) - Again this is a smooth shadow and it is pigmented!
ES47 - Golden apricot (shimmer) - Smooth and very pigmented.

ES66 - Vibrant coral (matte) - This is a unique color to my collection and it was the first one I did a tutorial with.  You can see that here.

Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette Row 3
ES33 - Soft baby pink (pearl) - I used this shadow to brighten up the look with ES66.  I really like this shadow.

ES68 - Metallic raspberry (shimmer) - I haven't played with this one yet, but I love the color of this shadow!

ES16 - Soft muted rosy brown (satin) - I haven't played with this shadow yet, but I think it would be great as a crease color.

ES15 - Golden orange brown (matte) - This is a pretty pigmented brown that pulls a bit orange on me.  I think it could be great to use to warm up a smoky eye.

ES61 - Light golden brown (matte) - On my skin this shadow has a bit of a green influence almost a khaki green brown (if that makes sense).

ES24 - Intense reddish brown (matte) - I used a bit of this color in my tutorial with ES66.

ES74 - Copper (shimmer) - This is a smooth shadow that is a shimmery warm brown.

Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette Row 4
The last row in the palette is my favorite row.  It is full of bold fun colors that are unique to my collection.  

ES11 - Orange copper (veluxe pearl)  - This would make a beautiful fall inspired eye look.  The shadow is smooth and really pigmented. 

ES59 - Vibrant cran-purple (matte) - This shadow is the shadow that I was the most interested in.  It's a fun shadow that I really don't have anything that resembles it.  As you can see it is very pigmented but it isn't the smoothest shadow.  

ES38 - Pink with blue pearl (lustre) - Again another shadow that I don't have anything like.  In the pan it looks a little boring but it swatches beautifully!  

ES53 - Soft purple (pearl) - This is almost a grape purple and it would be nice for a purple look that isn't too bold.  

ES48 - Amethyst (shimmer) - Another smooth shadow that is a brown with some purple in it. 

ES71 - Deep maroon red (matte) - This is a beautiful color but it's not a smooth shadow.  It does blend well but it seems none of the matte shadows swatch well.  

ES19 - Intense green with shimmer (lustre) - When I first saw this palette, this shadow just looked a bit out of place.  It is a beautiful green color and I look forward to playing with it. 

Overall I am really glad I went ahead and picked up this palette.  I have been wanting to try Morphe shadows for quite some time and this was a great way to do so.  My favorite shadows from this palette have to be ES38 (row 4), ES68 (row 3), and ES20 (row 2).  At first glance I thought there were just too many neutral shadows in this palette, but after using it I am really happy with the neutrals.  There are quite a few shadows that I can use for transition shadows.  I am the most disappointed by the first four shadows because there isn't a matte highlight shadow, but if you watch Jaclyn's videos she doesn't normally reach for a matte highlight anyway.  

Below are a couple shots of the first look I created with the palette.  If you want to see the tutorial you can see that here.  

The next photo is a preview of the next tutorial from this palette. 

Update - The above look is now live and can be seen here.

Keep an eye on Morphe's social media pages and their website to see when they launch the palette again.  If you don't want to wait then you can always order the shadows you want from Morphe's website for $2 each.

If you have a request from this palette be sure to let me know below!  What's your favorite shadow from the palette? 


  1. I,too, fell into the craziness of trying to get my hands on this palette. I probably spent an hour or two on the first day but gave up. Then on the second day, after refreshing my browser a couple of times, order placed. I am quite happy with my first purchase from Murphe Brushes as most of the shades are very pigmented. I also wish there is a matte highlight shade.

    1. Everyone has the same story with this palette and it's crazy! I am so happy to get my hands on it despite all the drama. The matte highlight shade seems to be the biggest request from everyone as well. Glad you love yours as well and thanks for stopping by!


  2. The colors look really beautiful! I'll keep my eyes open for the next time they make it available!

    Giselle ♥

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It really is a great palette overall and there are so many different looks you can create!

  3. Great review! I bought this and had no clue what shadows were included. So glad E13 Deep Skin is in it. A great transition shade!! :)


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