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Borghese Eclissare Makeup Review

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I have a review of the Borghese Eclissare makeup line.  Borghese actually sent a lovely package at the beginning of February that was filled with all of these items.  It was completely unexpected, so I want to say thank you to Borghese for this.  It truly means a lot to be included in press kits as a small blogger!

The first product I am going to review from the line is the Shadow and Light Luminous Eye Palette.  This particular palette contains 0.75 ounces of product in 12 shadows.  The packaging on this palette is beautiful!  It has a quilted pattern on the outside with a magnetic closure.   This palette retails for $55 on the Borghese website.  

You can see that the palette opens like a tri-fold poster.  I personally haven't seen a palette open in this manner.  You can also see that the palette features both cool and warm shades as well.  The palette has a small bar mirror in the lid and a dual ended brush that is similar to the brush in the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette.

The first four shadows in this palette feature two matte shadows and two shimmer shadows.  Bask is a matte cream that is pretty close to my skin tone which is nice to clean up a messy application of shadow.  Borghese describes Bask as a warm toned creamy beige with a satin-matte finish. Bask is very creamy and smooth without being powdery.  Afterglow is a shimmery metallic gold that leans toward champagne. Borghese describes Afterglow as a warm toned medium beige that is highly metallized. Pulse is another shimmery metallic shadow that is a light pink. Borghese describes Pulse as a warm toned soft peach that is highly metallized.  Neither of these shadows are powdery.  You can see they do kick up a little product, but it is not nearly the same amount as a Lorac shimmer shadow.  The last shadow above is Veil which is a cool taupe brown that I use as a transition color.  Its formula is very similar to Bask.  Borghese describes Veil as a cool neutral soft brown with a satin-matte finish.

The next shadow in the palette is Muse which swatches like an antique gold. Borghese describes Muse as a burnished gold with brown undertones that is highly metallized. This shadow is pretty unique to my collection and it is really smooth and pigmented.  Ascend is a matte shadow that is taupe shadow with a hint of olive (in my opinion).  Borghese describes Ascend as a light soft tan with yellow undertones and a satin-matte finish.  Ascend is another shadow that I use as a transition shadow.  Wane is a nearly matte shadow that is a warm brown. Borghese describes Wane as a rich medium brown with warm undertones and a satin-matte finish.  Again this is another smooth pigmented shadow.  Impact is a metallic shimmery shadow that swatches like a rose gold.  Borghese describes Impact as a medium rose-copper that is highly metallized.

You can see in the picture above that the shadows tend to swatch slightly different than how they appear in the palette.

The last four shadows in the palette are all very deep.  The first one is Downfall which is a deep matte brown with a purple undertone. Borghese describes Downfall as a dark brown with depth and a matte finish. This shadow is very pigmented, but it isn't quite as smooth as the other matte shadows in the palette.  Out There is a metallic shimmery grey color with a purple hue to it that is very smooth and isn't very powdery. Borghese describes Out There as a medium pewter that is highly metallized.   Shroud is more of a satin shadow when swatched, but it is true to the color in the pan.  Borghese describes Shroud as a deep charcoal grey with blue undertones and a highly metallized finish.  Shroud is a gunmetal grey.  Immortal is one of my favorites in the palette. Immortal is a pigmented black shadow that has silver glitter in it.  Borghese describes Immortal as a deep charcoal black with subtle silver glitter.  The glitter really does pick up on the brush and deposit on your lid without falling all over your face!  I really don't think that the photo below does Immortal any justice.  Honestly when the light hits this shadow it's just a special shade.  I used it to set my liner over the weekend and really loved it!

Next I am going to talk about the Five Shades of Torrid palette which has been my most used of the palettes I was sent.  This palette contains 0.30 ounces of product in 5 shadows.  This palette also features the quilted pattern on the outer packaging, a small mirror, and a magnetic closure. This palette retails for $29 on the Borghese website.

You can see in the photo that I love this one!  The first shadow is Wisp which is a matte cream that borders on a white shadow according to Borghese this is a matte ivory.  I can use this shadow as a browbone highlight because it is slightly lighter than my skin.  Kindle is a satin shadow that is a pretty unique color.  I honestly don't know how to describe it, but Borghese says this is a soft champagne taupe with a stain-pearl finish.  Stoke is a matte brown that I like to use in my crease. Borghese describes this as a medium brown with warm undertones with a matte finish.   Sear looks frightening in the palette, but it swatches like a deep cool brown that I use on my outer corner or as a liner.  Borghese describes it as a deep brown with a matte finish. Torch is my favorite shadow of this quint!  It is a mid toned brown that has golden glitter in it.  Borghese describes this shadow as a mid toned champagne with pink undertones that is highly metallized.   Again the photo will do this shadow no justice but the glitter doesn't fall out through the day.

For the above look I used the Torch shadow form the Five Shades of Torrid palette on top of the ELF Smudge Pot in Crusin Chic with Stoke in the crease, Wisp on the brow bone and my transition shadow is Mauve from the Lorac Pro palette.

The next palette is the Five Shades of Sultry palette which looks identical to the Five Shades of Torrid palette on the outside.  This palette also retails for $29 on the Borghese website.

The first shadow is Lit which is slightly powdery, but it is described as a white-silver metallic pearl.  Vapor is a medium grey with blue overtones that is a metallic pearl.  Smolder is a dark smoky charcoal with a high frost finish.  Fume is a true black with a matte finish.  This black is nicely pigmented unlike most matte black shadows, but it is a little patchy and would take a little building to work as a smoky shadow.  Last is Scorch which is the star of the palette.  Scorch is described as a medium glitter-laden graphite grey.  This shadow is very pigmented and smooth!

The next thing from the Eclissare line I was sent are three of the Color Eclipse ColorGlass Lip Glosses.  The packaging on these glosses is just beautiful!  I really love the color gradient on the cap.  Each gloss contains 0.11 ounces of product and retails for $21.50 on the Borghese website.

From left to right in the above picture: Spark, Darkling, Brightside.  These glosses aren't terribly sticky; however, they are pretty thick and you can tell you are wearing a gloss.  If you don't like that feeling then you won't like these glosses.  They all contain shimmer as well, but you can't feel the shimmer on your lips.   Feeling glitter on my lips is a huge deal for me; however, I can handle a thick gloss.  Spark and Brightside make really great toppers for lipsticks and Darkling can be worn on its own.

The first gloss is Spark which is a taupe gloss.  This is a pretty cool toned gloss and I really like using it over my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey and sometimes I just wear this gloss on its own.  Spread on your lips it certainly doesn't show up really bold.

The next gloss is Darkling which is a deep red with some golden shimmer in it.  This gloss is very pigmented on its own so I just use it by itself.  

The last gloss is Brightside which is another gloss I use as a topper.  This gloss is a golden gloss that again doesn't show up bold on its own.  I haven't done it myself, but you could use this in the center of the lips. 

The next thing I was sent is the Borghese Linea Precisa Liquid Eyeliner.  This liner is pretty similar to the CoverGirl Bombshell Intensity Liner and I can easily make a wing with it.  This is a felt tip liner that dries matte.  The liner retails for $19. Below is the description from the Borghese website.

Simple crisp outlines, to sweeping dramatic strokes of definition, this precision-tip liqui-liner provides color when you want it, where you want it. Easy application and total control, it's color-true and won't fade, flake, budge or smudge.

The last item I was sent is the Professional Select - The Essential Double Ended Cosmetic Brush Collection.  This set comes with four dual ended brushes and somehow I have misplaced one in our move.  It also comes with a nice brush pouch that has a magnetic closure that I forgot to take a photo of.  The set is currently on sale on the Borghese website for $39.

The top brush pictured is a Powder and Angled Blush Brush.  This brush is ok and I don't tend to reach for it every day, but I will likely travel with it.  Next is a Foundation and Concealer brush.  I love this brush as you can see and I reach for it every day just to dot my foundation and concealer on my face then I use my Real Techniques Beauty Sponge to blend everything out.  Next is the Eye Shadow and Dome Smudge brush.  I reach for this brush quite often especially the domed side for under my eyes.  Next (not pictured) is the Flat liner and Smoky Eyeliner brush.  Like I mentioned above I misplaced this brush in our move, but I had used it a few times and it worked well.  Also not pictured is the travel case which has a magnetic closure and a reptile pattern on it.

That is everything finally!  Like I said earlier this was a completely unexpected package and I wasn't asked to review the products at all.  Have you guys tried any Borghese products?

The products mentioned above were sent to me to review.  All opinions are 100% my own! 

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