Sunday, July 19, 2015

Spring Empties 2015

Hey guys!

I am terribly sorry this is later than I promised.  And I'm sorry it has been so long since my last post.  Since my previous post, I have started a job.  I know that's not an excuse, and I plan on getting better about posting.  My plan is to get back to my regular posting schedule, and hopefully still have a few videos to share!

Now let's talk trash!  These are all the empties I collected from my last empties post in March.  Needless to say I have collected a ton of trash!

First up I used up two packs of the Equate Beauty Makeup Removing cloths.  Each pack has 40 wipes in them each, and they remove my face makeup pretty well.  I still have to use an eye makeup remover to get my mascara off though.  The purple package (left) is the Night Time Soothing cloths which are lightly scented and the ones I ended up repurchasing.  The right are the ones to compare to Neutrogena.  Both keep the moisture in the cloths if you store them with the opening upside down.  Finally the Oxy Acne Medication Daily Defense Cleansing Pads are on the far left.  These have been mentioned several times in the past, but I haven't repurchased them since using up this package in the early spring and my skin is freaking out.  I will pick some of these up soon!

I also finished a lotion from the Dollar Tree.  This is the Essence of Beauty Neroli and Sweet Orange lotion.  This lotion smells amazing and it absorbs quickly, and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy.  The best part of this lotion is it is only $1, and I have already been working on a new bottle.  I also used up two Mainstays Wax Melts from Walmart.  Far left is Warm Apple Pie, and far right is Mulled Cider.  Both actually smell very similar, like cinnamon apple which is my favorite scent.  Both were great and had a great scent throw; however, they only lasted about two to three days before the scent fades.  I also finished a Scentsy Honey Pear Cider wax melt, this one was good too.  The scent lasted a little longer than the other two, but I would be more likely to purchase the Walmart brands.

I finished the L'Oreal Infallible Makeup Extender spray.  This was a pretty good spray, and I would likely purchase it again in the future.  I have been trying several setting sprays, and they all seem to do the same thing.  I like using these after I use powder to make everything melt together.  The spray on this bottle is pretty fine, but it's not nearly as good as the Urban Decay spray bottles.   Next is the Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream.  This tube is nearly full.  The product has a very strong floral scent to it, and it lingers around.  The scent I didn't mind much; however, the BB cream itself has hardly any coverage and it never really set.  Next is the Revlon Color Stay Foundation in the Combo/ Oily formula in the shade Ivory.  I absolutely love this foundation.  I have one other shade of this foundation at the moment, and will likely repurchase in the future because it actually stays on my oily skin.  

On the top left is the L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Powder in Porcelain.  This powder was really nice and finely milled; however, I feel like I went through it really quickly and it is pretty expensive for a powder from the drug store.  Next is the Urban Decay Original Eye Potion.  I really love this primer and will purchase it again in the future after I use some others in my collection.  I bought this primer before I started this blog, so you can see how long this tube lasted.  Bottom left is the ELF Complexion Perfection Powder.  This is the powder that has the blue, yellow, pink, and green sections.  This powder is not my favorite and I won't purchase it.  I just feel like it was pretty useless to me since it was too light to use on top of my foundations.  Next is the ELF Translucent Setting Powder.  This powder is much better than the one I previously mentioned, and I really enjoyed using it for setting my under eye concealer.  However, the pan in this compact is only half the size of the compact.  

The top two foil packets are the Mia Mariu foaming cleanser.  I really liked these samples.  The cleanser left my face feeling clean, but a little dry.  I also finished the Garnier Anti Dark Circle roller.  I thought they discontinued this, but I found it again a few weeks ago and I am so glad.  this is the easiest concealer for those days you just want to put something down and go.  I also finished another tube of the Maybelline the Rocket Mascara.  This mascara is my favorite for layering or using for days that there is rain in the forecast.  It doesn't transfer on me, but it is incredibly difficult to remove.  I finished a Maybelline Define A Brow in Dark Blonde.   This was an ok brow pencil, I like that it is a little more waxy which keeps it in place all day, but I don't like that it doesn't twist back down if you click up too much and I wish the other end was a spoolie.  Below that is the Hard Candy Sheer Envy Eye Brightening Concealer in Radiance.  I liked this concealer as a brightening step; however, it was thin and really didn't conceal well on its own. Below that is the Rimmel London lip liner in Eastend Snob.  This is a beautiful color that I liked wearing on its own with a clear gloss on top.  It really didn't take long for me to use the entire lip liner , but I would purchase it again.  Finally I used a sample of the Red Apple Lipstick Ralleye Balm.  This was an ok lip balm.  Honestly it was really waxy and when it warmed up it felt a bit greasy.  Not to mention the full size is pretty expensive.  I have samples of some of their lipsticks that I really love, but the balm is not my favorite.

That's all for my empties from the last update.  Hopefully you guys enjoyed it!  Again I am planning on getting back into my regular posting schedule this week and hopefully I'll be able to post some videos as well!  

Enjoy your Sunday! 

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