Sunday, February 21, 2016

Maybelline Lip Gloss Palette Review

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I know it has been a long time since my last post; however, I am going to do my best to get back on to a regular schedule of posting this time.   Tonight I am going to share my review of the Maybelline Lip Gloss Palette.  I know this is not a new product; however, I have mixed feelings on it.

It is nice to see drugstore brands starting to bring out palettes of all kinds.  This particular palette is great for those who travel frequently and want to be prepared with every color they could need.  You can always mix the shades in the palette to create new ones as well.   I picked my palette up from Walmart right after they launched for around $10.   The palette contains eight colors and includes a lip brush.

I have to say my biggest disappointment with the palette is how shallow the pans are.   I hit pan on one of the shades the first time I swatched them, and after swatching each color for this post I have pan on every color.  I noticed that the top layer of each shade has a bit of a film on them, so it takes a lot of pressure to get down into the product the first time you use them.  However, once you get through that film, the actual lip glosses are nice.  I was expecting the entire palette to be a dud and more along the lines of the cheap palettes you see around the holidays at the drugstore; however, each color has a decent amount of pigment to them.  The deepest red in the palette is pigmented enough that it shows up as a deep red; however, it is still sheer enough that it isn't too bold for me.  I don't tend to reach for bold lip colors, so this color is right up my alley.

The first color in the palette is a light nude pink.  This color is pretty light and a bit on the sheer side on me, but it does provide a bit of color and can be mixed with some of the more bold colors to tone them down.

The second shade in the palette is the one I have used the most.  It is a nude that has a bit of a purple undertone to it in my opinion.  This is the type of nude that I feel can go with any look.  Unfortunately I don't have any other lip glosses in my collection that are quite this shade so once it wears off I have to switch to another color since this palette doesn't lend itself to being friendly for dwelling in my purse.

The third shade in the palette is a light pink that borders on purple.  I really like this shade mixed with the second shade in the palette.  This shade is great for those who want to wear purple, but don't want to look like you have Barney on your lips.  

The fourth gloss is a typical pink gloss.  The color itself is not anything unique, but it is another that I have gotten the most use of in this palette.  

The fifth color in the palette is a peachy nude gloss.  This particular shade tends to be the most streaky and uneven for me.  This is the only gloss in the palette that doesn't show up even after I build it up. 

The sixth color is a coral pink.  This shade is another one of my favorites in the palette.  I don't reach for corals very often because the shade makes my teeth look overly yellow (think buttered popcorn); however, I can wear this coral since it is mostly pink.  It also helps me to wear shades like this in gloss form since they tend to be a bit more sheer.  

The seventh shade in the palette is a traditional red.  The gloss is a little on the sheer side; however, it is opaque enough that the color shows up.  

The final shade in the palette is a berry red.  This shade in the palette looks really dark and intimidating; however, it sheers out into a beautiful berry.  The color is not streaky, and is opaque.  This is the first shade I swatched and wore from the palette and I was really impressed.  

Overall, my opinions of this palette are split.  I wish that the pans were a bit deeper, especially for the price.  However, the glosses in the palette are nice and have a decent amount of color payoff to them.  Each gloss has a decent amount of thickness to them which makes them last longer on the lips.  Although the glosses last for a decent time on the lips, I always carry tubes of gloss in my bag or pocket since this palette isn't the best for daily reapplication at work.  However, I think this palette is great for travel.  I know I tend to overpack lip colors when I travel, so this palette helps cut down on the amount I pack.   

If you have tried this palette let me know what your favorite color is below!  

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