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Shaaanxo Palette by BH Cosmetics First Impressions and Swatches

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I saw Shaaano's swatches of the lipsticks in this palette last week and immediately made my way over to the BH Cosmetics website to buy the palette for myself.   The original price of the palette is $22.00; however, it is currently available for $14.50.

 The palette is double sided which separates the powder shadows from the lipsticks so you don't end up with powder bits in the lipstick.  Nothing is worse than palettes that share cream and powder products without any separation!  Both lids on the palette are magnetic and stay shut pretty well, so the palette will be fine for traveling. Both lids have a decent sized mirror and the lids stay propped  up when open.  The palette itself is also very thin for the amount of product contained in it.

The palette contains nine shadows: three mattes, and six shimmers.  The shadow in the center of the bottom row is supposed to be a duochrome shadow, but we will talk about that one in a minute.  Overall the mattes are pretty nice in the palette, they are all pigmented and blend easily; however, the shimmers for the most part are powdery and a bit chunky when swatched.

Starting with the top row of the palette, the far left shadow is a typical matte cream shade.  I always use a matte cream shadow to set my primer, so I always like having a shadow like this in a palette.   This matte is soft and creamy to the touch.

The center shadow is a highly shimmery champagne shade.  I wore this on my lid last night and I really had to work to  pack it on dry, but I can imagine that it would work well wet.  This shadow is a bit on the chunky side, but it is fairly pigmented.  The swatch above I layered it several times and you can see a bit of the chunky powder in the photo.

The far right shadow is a pretty copper shadow that is similar to Trick from the  Urban Decay Naked 3 palette.  The shadow from BH Cosmetics is much smoother than Trick and much less powdery; however they are very similar.

The left shadow on the center row of the palette is a mustardy yellow that is a great color to throw in the crease lightly to warm up a look.  This shadow is the same type of color as Makeup Geek's Chickadee.

The center shadow is a coppery brown.  I am sure I have several colors like this in my collection yet the closest one I could find quickly is my own shadow from Scenic City Cosmetics in Whiskey.  The shadow from the Shaaanxo palette is the smoothest of the shimmers in the palette; however, it still has a bit of that chunky tendency.

The right shadow of the middle row is a very warm shadow, and I used this shadow last night lightly on a duo-fiber brush in the crease.  The shadow is very pigmented and I only wanted a small amount of it, and it worked well.  The one thing I feel that this palette is lacking is a true transition color, so I have to reach for other palettes when I use this one.

The bottom row of the palette contains several darker shadows.  The shadow on the left is a cool toned brown that is most similar to YDK from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.  The shadow in the Shaaanxo palette is a little smoother than the Urban Decay one.

The middle shade is supposed to be a duo chrome shadow; however, when swatched it doesn't take on much of a duo chrome quality.  The only way I could get it to show up in the photo above was to really build up the shadow otherwise it just looks like a warm red brown.  The most similar shadow I have in my collection is the duochrome shadow from the Wet 'n Wild Comfort Zone palette; however, the Wet 'n Wild shadow is much smoother, less powdery, and it has a lot more of the duo chrome aspect to it.

The last shadow in the palette is a matte blackened brown shadow that is a bit on the patchy side; however, this is the type of shadow I typically use as a liner, so it won't matter much.  I couldn't find another shadow quickly in my collection that is similar, but I am sure I have a few.

Now let's talk about the lipstick side of this palette.  I really like that this palette includes both eye shadows and lipstick for travel purposes.  All nine of the lipsticks in the palette are supposed to be a cream finish which is the type of lipstick I reach for the most.   I do have to say that the scent on this side of the palette is particularly strong and unpleasant.   To me it smells very strongly of chemicals, and smells much like the cheap palettes you can find around Christmas.

The second thing that I want to point out is that these pans are pretty shallow, and some of the lipsticks are thinner than others.   The lipstick in the above photo I have only swatched for this post, and you can already see the bottom of the pan.

With all of that out of the way let's talk about each individual lipstick.  The first one in the palette (top row left) appears to be a pink nude in the palette, and actually comes off as a light coraly pink when swatched.  This formula reminds me a lot of the Maybelline formula in their lip gloss palette (if you want to read my review click here).  It was a little difficult to build up but it can be done.

The next lipstick (top row center) is a true coral.  This color is not my favorite I just don't think the color is flattering on my skin tone and my teeth look yellow.   This lipstick formula is much like the first one.   It is thin and ends up being difficult to build up.

The last lipstick on the top row is a traffic cone orange, and I honestly have to say that this is the only orange lipstick in my entire collection.  As you can see in the photo above the formula is totally different than the first two.  This lipstick formula is much thicker, and shows up very vibrant and bold; however, the formula itself is gloopy.  In my opinion I wish that all of the lipsticks were this vibrant.

The first lipstick on the middle row is the color of lipstick I reach for the most.   The mauve-y nude lipsticks I always find are a bit more flattering on me and they are the color I can reach for without much thought.  This formula is pretty nice and it doesn't take a ton of effort to build up.

The center lipstick in the palette is a purple that leans a bit more on the pink side.  This color is actually really flattering because it isn't too bold and purple, and the lipstick is a little more on the thin side.  I can't say I am bold enough to wear this color on it's own very often; however,  I like that there is a lot of potential to mix colors in this palette and create your own shade.

The last lipstick on this row is a hot pink.   This is another extremely bold, vibrant, and pigmented lipstick in this palette.  This lipstick has a similar formula to the orange right above it; however, this one is less gloopy and I wish that all of the lipsticks had this formula.   This one is so easy to spread out evenly, and it takes very little effort to apply smoothly.

The first lipstick on the bottom row is a true nude.  This color looks absolutely dreadful on me, and the formula is equally as bad.  You can see in the picture that it is really patchy and it was very difficult to apply smoothly.  I will be mixing this lipstick with some of the others in the palette.

First let me say ignore my terrible application here!  This lipstick is the center red on the bottom row.   This is the lipstick I shared above that I hit pan on during this application, and I have to say that this formula is the thinnest in the entire palette.  The color itself is a really pretty blue toned red that is super glossy.  However, this super glossy formula is more like a gloss than a lipstick.

Finally the last lipstick in the palette is a deep bold crimson red.  This formula is by far the best in the entire palette.  The lipstick is thick and it applies very smooth and the formula isn't too glossy and slippery.  It is very easy to apply and when it wears off it leaves a beautiful berry stain on the lips.  All of the bolder shades in the palette do leave a stain behind, but this one is my favorite and I really wish that all of the lipsticks had this formula.

Overall I think this palette is worth the $14.50 just for the amount of product that is in it.   The palette is really thin and will be wonderful for traveling!  If you do choose to buy this palette be sure to use Ebates cash back because right now BH Cosmetics is 7.5% cash back!

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