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I was approached by to share some tips and tricks I would use to keep me looking great day to night in beautiful Las Vegas.  A few months ago my girlfriends and I made the decision that we are going to travel to Vegas in the spring for several days for my bachelorette party (can anyone say Hangover movie?) so I decided that this would be a great collaboration to share some of our plans and give you some tips for keeping your makeup looking fresh and appropriate day to night!

During the day in Vegas there are many things to do outside of the casinos, which you can see on's attractions page.  With this in mind, I am planning on keeping my makeup fairly simple during the day.   My girls and I are most likely to choose to go on a tour of the city or even go on a desert chase in dune buggies instead of finding something inside to do all day, so let's talk about a look simple look that would hold up in these conditions.

While I was choosing products to use for this look I tried to find products in my collection that would give me a variety of options without having to pack a million products since I will be flying to Vegas in the spring.  As you can see in the photo above I have pulled out my Maybelline Lip Gloss palette for my lip product.  This palette is great for traveling since the palette contains everything from nudes to reds which you can mix and match to create even more shades.  I also pulled out some E.L.F. palettes which are great for travel since each pan can be popped out and placed into any of the other palettes, and each palette contains a large mirror.

For both looks I am going to share with you, my basic face makeup is exactly the same which makes it very easy to transition your look from day to night.   The first product I am going to share in the Shea Moisture Primer which is essential for making your makeup last all day long.   This primer can be found at Ulta for $15.99 and feels very similar to a moisturizer as opposed to a silicone primer.  The next item in my routine is the Hard Candy GlamoFlauge concealer.  Any concealer you prefer will work; all we want to do is conceal any red spots on the face before we apply foundation.  Typically I always grab a second concealer that is a peach or pink tone to conceal the dark circles under my eyes.   This will help to keep you looking fresh and awake all day long.  The peach concealer I chose for this look is the NYX Dark Circle Corrector in Light/Pale.  The foundation I chose for my look is the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation in Ivory.  This foundation is really great for my oily skin because it stays all day long without breaking down along my nose until very late in the day.  For a long day sight seeing in Vegas this is the type of foundation that is going to be necessary for my oily skin.   Finally the most important step for me is to set my foundation.  I have been reaching for the Coty Airspun Loose Powder in  Naturally Neutral for years now, and I have found that I don't have to touch up or powder my face again until late afternoon.  For traveling I'm not sure that I will choose to pack a loose powder, so it is likely that I will pack the CoverGirl Clean powder instead.   The last item in the above photo is the Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer.  This primer is an absolute necessity for keeping my shadow from creasing and fading away.

The next items in my list are the E.L.F. palettes.  Above you can see I have three different palettes pictured; however, when I pack to travel I always pop out different pans to mix and match and create the perfect custom palette for my week away.  This technique helps me keep the number of items I pack down while still giving myself enough variety.  The above palettes are the bronzer palette (left), the blush palette in light (middle), and the illuminating palette (right).

For both my daytime and night time looks I used the AmpliMascara to give my lashes a nice dark coat of mascara.  Obviously for the daytime look I used only a couple coats, but for the night time typically I add a couple more coats on top of the mascara I have had on all day long which helps to make a fresh look along with providing more drama to the look.  Once I am finished with the entire look I always use a setting spray, and the one I have on hand at the moment is the Maybelline Master Fix Setting Spray.  This will help make the powders we applied on top of each other meld together and look less cake-like.   Like I mentioned above I also chose to use the Maybelline Lip Gloss Palette which allows me a ton of variety in color and the ability to mix colors to create new ones.

Now let's talk about each look I chose to create for my Vegas looks.  Above is the day look I created (please forgive me for my crazy hair; however, I can't say that it would look much different during a day adventure in Vegas).   For this simple look I used all of the face products I mentioned above for something that would last through going riding through the desert or even driving sports cars.  For my eyes I used Scenic City Cosmetics' Whiskey on the entire lid and Scenic City Cosmetics' Coke & Whiskey on the outside corner to provide a little dimension.   To keep things fairly light I chose to use a brown liner to line my lid and my waterlines.  For the liners I chose a jumbo stick from Milani (the name has long been sharpened off of it, so please forgive me for that), and Sephora's gel liner (waterproof formula) in Caffine Buzz.  I applied a couple coats of mascara and I chose the light mauvy nude gloss from the Maybelline palette (second color in the palette).

Now let's compare my look for the night on the town seeing shows such as Cirque du Soleil Zumanity at the New York New York (which my girls and I plan on seeing), or any of the other shows you may choose to see.  There are other great shows to fit anyones needs, check out some of the great Las Vegas deals on for more options!  To keep things simple the best way to transition your look from day to night is to simply touch up the face products that need to be touched up (foundation, concealer, and definitely powder) then to add a deeper shadow to the eyes.  For my look I chose to use Scenic City Cosmetics' Coke & Whiskey all over the lid.  Remember I used this same shadow just on the outer corner of the eye before, so for a night full of seeing shows, and some drinks with my girls, I decided to use this shadow all over for a little darker look.  I was also inspired by the colors of the desert, so I layered Scenic City Cosmetics' Cherry Cola in the center of the lid along with Scenic City Cosmetics' Whiskey in the very center.   To amp up the depth of the look I chose to use a black liner on the water line and along the upper lashes along with a few more coats of mascara on top.  For lips I chose to mix the two red shades in the Maybelline palette to provide a bit more interest to the look.  If you prefer to have something a bit more subtle you can always keep the same mauvy nude lip color that I used for the daytime look.

Above are the three shadows from Scenic City Cosmetics that I used in the looks I showed.  From left to right: Coke & Whiskey, Whiskey, and Cherry Cola.   When you pair these shadows with the Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer they will last all day long through any of the activities you may choose in Vegas.   After all what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Remember to check out  if you plan on making a trip out west like we are.  Just from exploring their website you can purchase hotels, airfare, tickets to shows, tours, and plan weddings all from their website.  Should you need more assistance you can chat with a Vegas insider right on their website.   Believe me when I say that my girls and I will be using the website as we plan our trip in the spring!

What are your tips for transitioning your look from daytime to night time?

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