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Bleach London | Makeup Review

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I'm back with a review for you guys.  I have been meaning to work on this one for quite some time now, and I'm finally getting around to it.  I have put myself right on a low buy list, so pretty much everything I'm going to be reviewing on here will be things that are already in my collection.  My plan is to get back into project panning that way I can work through my massive stash (only to go on another spree around Christmas).  I know I can't resist all the releases that happen around Christmas, but until then I'm going to shop my stash as much as I can.  Of course I'll still be keeping up with new releases, and if something really catches my eye I might just go for it.

Like I mentioned above, I have had this post on my list for quite some time.  I actually placed my order from Bleach London last summer, in June I believe, when the brand launched their makeup line.  I heard about the brand launching the makeup line prior to the launch since I follow Lou Teasdale, the celebrity hair and makeup artist, behind the launch of the makeup side of Bleach.  If that name sounds familiar, the you may be a fan of One Direction.  Lou was the hair and makeup artist for the boys through the entirety of the band, and she will occasionally work with Harry Styles these days.  Her sister Sam Teasdale, and friend Alex Brownsell founded Bleach London with their focus on hair color, and if you check out their website you will definitely see their adventurous color line. 

Quickly I'm going to mention a few things I remember about the launch of the makeup line.  I definitely recall the website taking quite a bit to load, but once I was able to get through things ran fine until I went to check out.  I was able to add everything I wanted to my cart; however, once I got to the point where I would need to put in my card information nothing would load so I just quit trying after a few attempts.  At the time, international shipping from the UK to the states £20, so I went ahead and added a bunch of different items so I would be able to get a good handle on the brand.  Not to mention their prices are rather affordable.  I was able to get through on the check out the next day without any issues.  The other thing I remember about the website was how confusing it was to order their eyeshadows.  Since the website was being rather glitchy, and images and descriptions weren't quite showing up correctly I was having to guess on colors I wanted which isn't exactly the worst thing in the world.  In the end I ordered two matte shadows, one metallic eyeshadow, three highlighters, and two lip kits.

Remember how I mentioned that I ordered in the summer?  I knew shipping would take a bit since the items were coming from London, and since the brand was new; however, I never imagined how long it was actually going to take.  I received the two lip kits in August after I received an email from the brand needing my address because of a system error.  After that, I had to wait around another month for the rest of my order to arrive; however, I am happy to state that everything I ordered arrived in once piece.

Let's talk about the lip kits first, shall we?  You can see the packaging of both of the kits above.  I have to say that I love this packaging the most from the brand.  Each box has an image of lips that are wearing the color of the kit.  The lip kits are currently available in 8 colors for £12 each, and each of those kits come with a small lip pencil and a liquid lipstick which match.

As you can see to the left, the two kits I purchased were "I Saw Red", and "Rosé".  "I Saw Red" is a vibrant warm red that I saw on Lou Teasdale and immediately wanted it on my lips.  That is such a strange statement for me since I really don't reach for bright reds very often, but when I do I want one that is going to stay in place.  As for Rosé, I was expecting to be a little less pink, but regardless I wanted to try out a color I would be more likely to reach for on the daily.  The formula is far from the worst I have tried; however, the pencil is definitely on the stiff side and the liquid lipstick can lean a bit on the dry side.  I wasn't really surprised by any of these things, since liquid lipsticks always dry my lips out.  I'm also terrible about exfoliating my lips before wearing them so they will definitely show every flaky bit on my lips.  One thing I realized while I was looking around the website to write this post is that Bleach London also offers hair dyes in some of the same shades, such as "I See Red".

As I mentioned above, I also grabbed three of the four highlighters offered by Bleach London.  The highlighters, or "Legal High Lights", from left to right in the above photo are Blullini, Rose, and Berwick Street Floor.  As you can see Blullini looks white in the pan, but when it is applied to the skin it is actually a pink highlighter.  Of the three highlighters Blullini is definitely my favorite because the other two are full of a chunkier glitter.  I believe the fourth highlighter offered is a gold version that is similar to the other two I purchased, and Blullini is the only one offered by the brand that is a finer powder.

You can see the swatches of the three "Legal High Lights" I purchased to the right, and yes I know I spelled Blullini wrong in the photo.  As you can see in the swatches, and like I mentioned above, Blullini is a color shifting highlighter that appears white in the pan, and pink when the light hits it.  Rosé is by far the most wearable shade for me since it is a beautiful rose shade that has a golden shift with the glitter, and Berwick Street Floor is an orange tone with a golden shift with the glitter in it.  I love to use Berwick Street Floor as an eyeshadow for myself; however, I feel that if you have deeper skin than me I think that it would look fantastic as a highlighter.  All three of these highlighters along with one other shade, Golden Shower (appears to be a gold highlighter similar in texture to Berwick Street Floor, and Rosé) are all available on the Bleach London website for £4.50 each.

Above you can see the three eyeshadows or "Louder Powders" I ended up purchasing in my little haul from Bleach.  Two matte shadows, and one metallic.  Overall I'm incredibly happy with the three shades I ended up with considering I was essentially shooting blind on what I was going to end up with.  The matte brown eyeshadow on the far left is "B 3ma" which is a shade I personally love to use as a transition shadow, or even by itself when I am having a particularly lazy day.  The second shadow is "ISR4sh" which is a color I don't have a ton of in my collection.  I don't really wear red eyeshadows very often, but I do like to have a pigmented red when I go for it and this one definitely fits that bill.  This shadow, and all other products from Bleach London, is a vegan eyeshadow.  Now if you know anything about red eyeshadows, typically the red pigment comes from carmine which is not a vegan product.  Sometimes it is hard to find a pigmented, vegan red eyeshadow so it is great that this is an option on the market. 

The last eyeshadow I purchased was "GP4me" which is a metallic "Louder Powder".  You cans see in the swatch to the side that it is a deep taupe-grey that has a multicolored shimmer through the shadow.  I love the look of this shadow all over the lid with just a bit of the brown shade through my crease for a quick look that really looks like I tried harder than I did.  The fallout from this shadow is really just upon initial application for me, so I pack a little bit more powder under my eyes before I apply the shadow and wipe away the fallout with the excess powder.  As for the other two shadows, they are densely packed in the pan and don't have much fallout, or powder kickup when you run your brush around the pan but pick up just fine and apply well and blend easily.

Bleach London Small BYO Palette £8 holds 9 eyeshadows
(photo: Bleach London's website)
The "Louder Powders" are available in 33 different shades for £3 each, and the "Metallic Louder Powders" are available in 6 shades for £5 each.  You can purchase a magnetic palette from Bleach London's website as well, and fill it with the shadows.  The large BYO Palette is £10 and fits 28 eyeshadows, or the small BYO Palette is £8 and fits 9 shadows. 

Overall I love my products from Bleach London, and love the branding of the company.  Even with the crazy shipping time, and wondering if my order had gotten lost I completely understand since it was an initial launch of this branch of the brand and there had been a ton of build up and excitement leading up to the launch.  I eventually received all of my products and they were all in one piece so I am completely happy.  Bleach London sent out the products as they were available, so I received my products in two different shipments a few months apart.  Be sure to check out Bleach London's website for some really great, affordable products for hair and makeup.  If you are in the UK you can book an appointment right from their website, and check to see if their products are in a shop near you. 

I hope you guys found this useful.  Like I mentioned above, I have placed myself on a low buy for this year because I went so crazy buying things around Christmas last year, so many of my reviews on this blog are going to be of products I have hanging around (if I'm honest it's products I have been meaning to review for a long time).  Have you tried anything from Bleach London?  If so let me know your favorites! 

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